English Language

For non-academic students pursuing an opportunity to study English in Canada, QCC offers ESL instruction.

Our classes are: Student-centered, Personalized, Hands-on

QCC instructors use many different approaches and activities to keep students motivated. We believe that successful learning should be challenging and fun!

English as Second Language for New Immigrants or overseas students

What is the QCC ESL program all about?

The English as a Second Language Program at Queen City Collegiate focuses intensively on speaking, listening, reading and writing presented in a variety of instructional settings to immerse you in English and expose you to diverse learning experiences.

You will be assessed at a level of learning suited to your ability as determined by our in-house placement test.  The levels of placement are as follows:

•    Beginner
•    Elementary
•    Low Intermediate
•    High Intermediate
•    Advanced

You may participate in TOEFL preparatory classes, ESL Tutorial classes, academically designed English classes, and other electives designed to hone your grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening/speaking skills.

We have small classes to maximize your learning opportunities.  You will be in class for 25 – 30 hours per week.  Your preferences and interests are important and help determine your course of studies.

A certificate will be awarded at the end of your program.

Our instruction is integrated and individualized to provide the learning opportunities that best suit you!

What will I do?

These are just some of the learning activities you would participate in…

•    Practical Communication Skills
•    Business English/Writing
•    Short Stories
•    Media Analysis
•    Creative Writing
•    Movie Reviews
•    Vocabulary Games
•    Slang & Idioms
•    Canadian historical and contemporary issues
•    Newspaper Studies
•    Community excursions
•    Public Speaking
•    Dramatic Expression
•    Group discussions/Debates
•    Learning through music

Sounds Great!  When can I begin?

You can take this program at any time throughout the academic school year (September – June).  Courses start at the beginning of each month.

A minimum of 3 months is recommended.

Where will I live?

QCC offers both a School Residence and Canadian Homestay for your accommodation needs.  In the residence, you will have the opportunity to make friends with Canadians and students from other countries, and participate in the social activities that are integral to life in a dormitory.  Homestay life will allow you to immerse yourself in Canadian culture and become part of a Canadian family.


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