Queen City Collegiate is a unique school where local students and those from around the world receive a quality education. Queen City Collegiate provides a close-knit, comfortable environment where you will be accommodated and encouraged not only academically, but in all aspects of your life in Regina.

The qualified instructors at QCC share their energy, enthusiasm and expertise during dynamic and challenging classes designed to prepare you to enter Canadian or international Universities.

QCC is located in an attractive area of Regina, near major bus routes connecting with all parts of the city. Banking facilities, a medical clinic and convenience stores are nearby. The airport is only a short ride away.


QCC welcomes both local and overseas students, and provides a variety of programs to accommodate student needs. As a private, co-educational international school founded in 1991, QCC is fully accredited and licensed by the Saskatchewan government. All our course offerings meet or exceed the requirements of Saskatchewan Learning.

QCC maintains a low teacher/student ratio, allowing for individual and small group instruction. This way, our teachers are able to identify and address the particular needs of each student. Our friendly staff will give you all the help that you require to succeed!

This high standard of instruction enables graduates from QCC to be fully qualified and prepared to enter the Canadian or international University of their choice. Graduates of QCC can be found at the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, York University, and the University of Western Ontario, just to name a few!


As A small private, independent, co-educational educational institution founded in 1990, Queen City Collegiate is accredited by the Saskatchewan Department of Education. All of our course offerings meet or exceed the requirements prescribed by the Department of Education.

Queen City Collegiate operates on a semester system, with classes beginning in September and February. However, we realize that obtaining a student visa not always coincide with regular school start dates. Therefore, we enrol students throughout the school year, making necessary adjustments in course selection and scheduling.